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AppAddict Is Back To Stay!

AppAddict iOS Apps Cracked Apps Welcome

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 02:24 PM




Welcome Back To AppAddict



So I'm unsure if you have seen the recent tweets I have put out but basically, I have been in prison for the last 4 years and that is partly why the site went completely down over a year ago. While I was inside for the first 2 and a half years my dad was keeping up payments on the servers to keep AppAddict alive. Due to a run of bad health he unfortunately missed one of the server payments and the server was recycled meaning that the site was completely down. The backup system had failed not long after I went inside so we lost about 4 years of database entries and have basically had to start again.


I was originally going to forget about AppAddict and focus on new ventures. After thinking long and hard about it I decided that my passion is AppAddict, Apps, Sharing and the community so I decided that I would do my best to revive AppAddict and return it to its former glory. So I have been out of prison for the last 9 weeks and I have spent most of my time trying to get the site back operational, get up to date with all the changes that Apple has made and get my head around the new resigning requirements.


I have been working with one other person who you will see on the forum and goes by the name LuminaWe have been working hard to populate the site with some of the newest apps as the content was a bit dated as you can imagine restoring from a 4 year old database. We have also been focusing on the AppAddict iOS app. 




AppAddict iOS App - Status



So the AppAddict iOS app is possibly the main part of the whole service as it allows you to easily browse the AppAddict store on your devices and install the apps directly from your devices. We have been deciding if it would be best to have another native iOS app or if it would infact be better to have a web version of the app. We decided that a web version would possibly be better for what we want and for the user experience. The web version of AppAddict is currently in development by Lumina, but it will be some weeks from now until this is ready in beta form for you guys to test. So in the mean time we have been able to get the old AppAddict iOS app functioning. When I say functioning I mean partially functioning as there are lots of things that are not fully working in the App as it is basically 4 years old and needs updating. Never the less we will be releasing the old app at the end of this week hopefully tomorrow (Friday 02 July 2021). The app will initially only be for iSignCloud customers (resign users) it does not currently work for JailBreak users but this will be rectified as soon as we possibly can. The iOS app works for direct downloads and direct resigns only. The in built browser is not playing nice with most of the file hosts and needs to be updated and re coded. But I have spent the last week downloading most of the top apps and have made them available for direct resigns. I will continue to do this everyday. The hope going forward is that all apps on our site will have a direct download and direct resign link. It's just simpler for the users and much less hassle than having to deal with spam and popups from the file hosting sites, some of which are almost impossible to download from, especially when using a mobile browser.







There was a number of staff that used to work as admins and mods on the website and also on the forum you guys know who you are and I have left your permissions on the site. I don't know what any of you are up to these days I hope that you are all well and that all your families are well. If you read this I would like to invite you back to the site and would love to work alongside you again. We will naturally be looking for new members of staff to help administer the site. Running AppAddict is a big job there are lots of apps to moderate, and I'm hoping that the forum will eventually become as busy as it used to be, so there will be a need for moderators and admins here on the forum. In the next couple of weeks I will be looking for people to help. If you are interested in helping on the site, forum or iOS app please DM me here on the forum or send us a message on the twitter account that has recently changed to @AppAddictApp (formally @Add1cted2Apps)




UDiD Registration


If you didn't already know, we are partners with.....






these are the only two services that you can use to purchase the AppAddict app, for use with our App Signing Service iSignCloud.

There is currently a promotion running...

If you buy the standard UDiD registration for £6.99, that would normally get you access to iOS 15 Beta only, but at the moment, all Standard orders are being upgraded to the iSignCloud package which would usually cost £15.99.

This offer will expire a day or two after the iOS app has been released (02 July 2021), so if you want to get the AppAddict app I would suggest taking advantage of this offer and saving almost £10. RegMyUDiD and iSignCloud are now both offering No Revokes Guarantee, this means that if Apple revoke the developer certificate you are using for the service, they guarantee to replace the certificate free of charge, and will do so for the whole of the 12 month registration period.




Official Social Media Accounts


AppAddict - https://twitter.com/AppAddictApp

RegMyUDiD - https://twitter.com/RegMyUDiDcom

iSignCloud - https://twitter.com/iSignCloud

iBetaCloud - https://twitter.com/iBetaCloud



iChr0niX - Twitter



iOS 15 UDiD Registration
iSignCloud - Install Cracked Apps on Non JailBroken Devices with AppAddict


iBetaCloud iOS 15 Downloads macOS 12 Download

Beta iOS 15 & macOS Monterey beta Downloads
The Internets #1 Place For All Your iOS & macOS Beta Needs - We Upload First Before Anywhere - Fact!

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