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Anybody else using uverse?

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Posted 03 October 2014 - 12:11 PM

Trying to figure out why I can't get any emails from appaddict. Not my password autosend emails nor my emails with app links which leaves me

A) using a disaster of a randomly generated password I had to obtain by emailing a admin
B) installing my apps via pc or via waiting for everything to sign before leaving the page as I won't get the installer otherwise.

Just trying to determine if everyone else using them is having issues and if so; how they fixed them.

All I have been able to find online are random comolaints about att blocking SMTP via certain ports by default. I didn't look any further into the solution (which seems to be via changing some settings in their gateway) because I assume that only has to do with outgoing mail and wouldnt apply to my issue?

I do get email via yahoo who shares their mail client/server? With att but it was yahoos originally until uverse became a thing. (If you use it you will already know this). The fact they come via yahoo also leads me to believe the problem is either not on my end, or on my end but not within the realm of an end user to fix.

I have contacted the staff here but have gotten limited help thus far after being told in other words that it wasn't a priority. I'm still under the impression that they will try to help at some point, but one can only be so patient. Plus God helps those who help themselves or whatever. (Even though I don't believe in God the underlying principle is still the same lol)

So long story short - anyone got anything for me? Would rock if I could determine what exactly is blocking these or better yet, resolve it on my own so these guys can carry on.

Appreciate any replies and/or help very much!

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