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[FAQ] about Cracked apps - security, etc.


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Posted 21 March 2014 - 11:09 PM

1. Is this site safe?

A. Well nothing is 100% safe, it is still a form of piracy to download & install cracked apps, its pretty much similar to downloading movies & cracked games but realistically you shouldn't be worried about using the site, its not like your dealing in the black-market or something.


I answered a bit of this in your introduction: "if you plan to be more involved in our community, like anything above average joe guy asking for support, please do not use your real name, email, or location publicly... if you care to let us know who you are please only tell a staff member privately.....but at the level of just using the site, hanging out, and asking for support you should be more than fine :)


2. Will downloading any of these software harm my computer iPod / iPad / iPhone in any way?

A. Jailbreaking itself does not really affect your device. The tweaks / mods you install later on are the ones that will modify your device & change stuff around. Basically if your just using AppAddict, since its an app (software) & you just downloading AppStore authorized apps from here, really all that should happen if your ultra unlucky is that your iOS gets messed up and you have you restore your iDevice (fixes it completely). However say you jailbreak and did something such as setup the modification that allows you to increase your iDevice's RAM by using its Flash Storage as Virtual RAM, that is tampering with the hardware of the device so may affect your device permanently (such as reduce iDevice life).


on your iPhone, ipad ,or ipod, there has not even once been a report of a virus in a cracked IPA format (what we distribute on this website), these do not have root access, so they cannot mess anything up. on your mac, so basically there is no risk in installing cracked apps on an idevice (iPhone, ipad ,or ipod)


mac however, is much safer that windows , but it can be a bit risky, again the type of apps distributed through our website are all 1 for 1 copies of the regular appstore app, and to be safe you can only download from our verified crackers, and we make an effort to ban an crackers that infringe any of our submissions rules, BUT there is still a slight risk versus basically zero on and iDevice... HOWEVER downloading cracked mac apps from other sites such as the pirate bay or their sites can potentially be extremely dodgy....


3. This seems too good to be true.... Is it as simple as if my machine has the right specs, I download, install and I have a working copy of software of my choice?

A. Pretty much. If your device is compatible to install say DoodleJump from the AppStore then it should be able to download, install & run DoodleJump from AppAddict.


4. Can I just download the software for free for my MacBook Pro but to get software for a Non-Jailbroken iPhone / iPad / iPod then I must pay for the iSignCloud service?

A. EVERYTHING on AppAddict is for available for free. The Premium Service we offer is basically removing Ads & allowing you to install stuff using DirectInstaller (installs an app similar as to how the AppStore does), and are just for simplicity & are basically a cherry on top. If you choose to remain using the Free Option, you basically just download an app into AppAddict & then install it from there. As for the iSignCloud it basically allows a NONJAILBROKEN iDevice to install AppAddict & then sign Cracked Apps, basically allowing you to install cracked apps without Jailbreaking (there are some limitations such as no in-app purchasing & gamecenter access with signing apps for a nonjailbroken device and there are limitations from Apple's side). HOWEVER if you do not want to purchase that all you need to do is Jailbreak your iDevice then installed AppSync from our repo & then install the AppAddict app and your ready to go. So in short yes, Apps for your Mac would be Free but since your iDevices are Non-Jailbroken you need to buy iSignCloud Services for EACH of them.


kakarot answered this really well ,, if you can jailbreak your device (anyhting iOS 7.0.6 and below) do it.. save your self some money, plus the overall experience is way better.... and let me just be honest with you appaddict premium does not get you any applications our free service can provide, it simply is a very handy time saving tool that makes it easier and faster to download the applications and removes those pesky ads :)



5. Do I need to pay for each device I have or does one account / purchase cover them all? (e.g I own an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod Touch and a MacBook Pro)

A. iSignCloud is only available for iDevices & yes, you do have to purchase each one INDIVIDUALLY. The reason behind this is that when you buy it, your paying for your iDevice's UDID (ID Number) to be licensed on an Apple Developer Account allowing you to sign your own Cracked Apps and then allowing you to install them without jailbreaking, so basically your paying for that Dev Slot for each device & no you cannot change a device once it is registered (if your phone is replaced you need to rebuy). However if you buy AppAddict premium (iSignCloud & AppAddict Premium are 2 separate things) it can be used on UPTO 5 iDevices (yes, you can unlink unused devices).


6. Does it make sense to get organized, decide which software I want and pay extra for your premium service to get it all at once?

A. Well iSignCloud & AppAddict Premium last for 1 Year (Apple Dev Slots basically expire after 1 year so thats the default time till you have to renew your Slot. AppAddict Premium though is variable depending on what plan duration you purchase) so there is no hurry lol. The service you get on Day 1 is the same as the service you will get on Day 364 of your subscription if not better.


7. Will Apple find a way to close you down.... so at some point after you've taken my money.... you'll just disappear?

A. Well I can really answer that 100% but basically AppAddict should not really face that issue since we don't host any of the content ourselves (we just provided links to filehosters that have it) & we basically just provide Cracked Apps (there are other alternative sites out there as well) & this has been being done for YEARS, but say you registered your iDevice with iSignCloud & download the Signing Certificates. Say AppAddict shut down on Day 360 of your subscription, IF you still have your Certificates you can manually sign Cracked Apps (downloaded from any of the alternative sites) and sign them yourself on a MAC using AppAddict Tools & then install them normally for the remaining 5 days of your subscription. So basically once your iDevice's UDID has been placed into an Apple Dev Slot (if Apple itself went down, then yeah you might not be able to sign apps) it has that slot assigned to it for the duration of 1 year (cant be changed / removed). AppAddict Premium itself though is relating to AppAddict, so if AppAddict went down you wont be able to use AppAddict premium. Also we have been up for quite a while now & providing service to a fair amount of users so it might raise your confidence :)


again , let me just be honest with you appaddict premium does not get you any applications our free service can provide, it simply is a very handy time saving tool that makes it easier and faster to download the applications and removes those pesky ads :)


and lastly I can say when hackulous/apptrackr/installous (the most famous site that did what appaddict does) decided to close their doors... well many communities rose to take their place, and many of the same people are still around...so yeah ... plus jailbreaking in itself is %100 legal and kakarot1925 did a good job explaining this as well....


Apps for iDevices available on AppAddict are all in IPA format,  so here we will
aslo ppl feel free to correct me on any wrong pitns i make...
The cracked IPA has a different filesize than the uncracked app...does this mean it is a fake or something could be wrong? 1
No, it is fairly common for a cracked copy of an IPA to have a slightly different filesize than the size advertised, due to compression in some of the differnt cracking tools.

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